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Listen to These Mental Health Podcasts for a Boost of Positive Energy

April 24, 2022

Everybody needs time to escape and focus on something other than their own thoughts. Podcasts are the perfect remedy for the people who need a thoughtful pick-me-up in their day.

Hit pause on your stress and hit play on these top-rated mental health podcasts.

Short and sweet

Getting ready in the morning or heading to bed can be something you look forward to with these short, sweet, but informative and inspirational podcasts. 

Meditation Minis 
(15 minutes, new episode every day)

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Take a short meditation break with this daily podcast focused on improving your breathing to relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Regardless of your level of experience with meditation, Meditation Minis is accessible to anyone with a space to sit and breathe.

Here’s Something Good 
(5–10 minutes, new episode every day)

Take a break from the seemingly endless news cycle of sad or mundane stories with Here’s Something Good, which aspires to bring joyful, uplifting news from around the world directly to listeners every day.

For a long drive or while you work

If you prefer listening to a longer podcast while you’re commuting, working, or doing household chores, you should give the podcasts below a go. 

Terrible, Thanks for Asking
(45 minutes–1 hour, new episode once a week)

It’s easy to respond quickly to the question “How are you doing” with “Good!”. But the host of Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Nora McInerny, wants the real answers to this question from celebrities who offer some sad but funny stories that many can relate to—encouraging listeners to be open and honest about their mental health.

Checking in with Michelle Williams  
(45 minutes–1 hour, new episode once a week)

People who love science and biology will love Checking in with Michelle Williams. Every episode has a new guest doctor, scientist, or mental health expert who decodes the secrets of the human mind, and explains how to use that information to your advantage in everyday life.

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Williams  
(50 minutes–1 hour, new episode every other week day)

After having a panic attack on-air, former ABC News anchor, Dan Williams decided to pursue the definition of happiness. Based on his best-selling book, 10% Happier, Williams brings on a myriad of guests, from meditation experts to psychologists to celebrities, who all explain their insight on emotional well-being and what it means to be truly happy for them.


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